Lennük | Our Team
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Our Team

Our team has more experience in the travel industry than any other travel-related blockchain platform in the world.

We’re changing the travel industry one block at a time.

Lennük believes that increasing the efficiency and decentralizing travel will pave the future for travel industry. Lennük will allow for users to take control of their travel information simpler than ever before. We’re revolutionizing the way consumers and travel employees will interact and how securely travel organizations will store sensitive data. We connect all aspect of the travel industry under a single, secure platform – created and lead by a team of professional engineers who have made the travel industry their lives.


We’ve gotten advice from many developers who are experts with blockchain technology, computer science, and software engineering. They all have said that what Lennük is trying to pursue is very possible and there’s only a matter of time before someone comes in the market and owns this niche. We want to own this niche and do it properly. We will be hiring more developers after the ICO funding is over. Please refer to the WhitePaper for more information about how we plan on accomplishing this.

Lucas Van Der Berg
Lucas Van Der Berg is a software engineer and evangelist for Python programming language. He has worked with Fredrich Hendrik on a multitude of software projects in the last 10 years. Van Der Berg is a contributor to Python, Django, and many other open-source projects. He has deep knowledge of the travel industry API ecosystem and its problems. Van Der Berg is responsible for the development of the open-source data exchange standards and Lennuk libraries.
Fredrich Hendrik
Fredrich Hendrik is a blockchain hacker and a full-stack software developer. He has worked on multiple blockchain related projects for the last three years. Hendrik specializes in decentralized and web applications, bringing a deep knowledge of blockchain protocols. He is responsible for the smart contracts development and security, along with the blockchain integration of Lennuk libraries and services.
Aleksander Lotman
Aleksander Lotman is the CTO of Zeppelin Solutions, the leading blockchain security auditing company. Lotman also advises Decentraland, and has previously worked as a Software Engineer for BitPay leading the development of Bitcore. He also developed one of the first apps on Bitcoin providing Proof of Existence and proposed BIP 45 introducing multi-signature wallets on the bitcoin protocol
Collin Lengyl
For over a decade, Collin Lengyl has been an analyst and consultant focused on emerging technologies and how they impact business practices in the global travel industry. Lengyl is a travel industry veteran, speaker and writer. He consults with the biggest travel companies in the world and governments, including Phocuswright, Expedia, Amadeus, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and many others.