Lennük | Faq’s
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What is LENNÜK?

Lennuk is a blockchain-based distribution platform for the travel industry. Today the travel industry is highly concentrated on the distribution front due to core inefficiencies of the internet. The need of a trusted party on the internet allowed intermediaries to concentrate the sector and raise the barrier of entry for new startups. In travel, consumer facing intermediaries often source their inventory from other B2B intermediaries causing double marginalization and inflating the prices.


Lennük seeks to engineer the use of Blockchain in the airline and travel industry. It will ensure that the airlines industry operates at optimal efficiency, cutting out data redundancy down time, and enhancing overall experience for all stakeholders at the level of consumate excellence USING REAL TIME ENCRYPTED information transfer.

What does LENNÜK offer?

Lennük offers the most securely encrypted technology through Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology. It will increase the efficiency of the airline industry as well as safety of airplanes through its various use cases.

  • Identity Management
  • MRO
  • Ticketing
  • Loyalty/Reward Miles Program
  • Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM)
  • Airline Ancillary Revenue Generation
  • Management of In-Flight Entertainment
  • Fast Insurance and Compensation Management
  • Flight Planning
  • Chattering Services
  • Luggage Handling and Control
  • Cargo and Custom Clearing etc.

How does Lennük help with identity management?

Using secured public ledger information in addition to biometrics, the Lennük application will enable validation of people’s identity on the Blockchain. With this, it becomes impossible to impersonate or commit forgery through fraudulent replication of other people’s identity. Blockchain technology coupled with security protocol ensures foolproof passenger and crew data management since sharing of information is executed through the use of authorized access by individuals whose imprints on the blockchain network is verifiable.

How does Lennük help with airplane maintenance and safety?

All future changes in an aircraft’s lifecycle, from the initial purchase to every transfer of ownership or lease and maintenance event will be tracked on the Lennük Application — providing an irrefutable record of service. The Lennük application will use Blockchain technology to transform maintenance from paper binders and complicated databases into verifiable information on the blockchain. The app will help the industry ensure that parts procured are legitimate and can offer a reserve immutable record of all procurement of spare parts on the plane, every time it goes through maintenance schedule. Such records will validate time and location of repairs and provide information on such entities involved in the maintenance work, from the beginning of the aircraft’s existence.

How does LENNÜK help with ticketing?

The Lennük Application will use the blockchain to tokenize ticket and e-ticket and further dematerialized these tickets for irrefutable sharing of information across various touch point of travel. Through the use of smart contracts associated with the tokenized tickets, airlines will be able to determine the various preferences of usage, terms and conditions of transfer and sale by anyone across the value chain, and in real time, from any location in the world in a secure, fast and efficient structure.

How does Lennük help keep track of Loyalty/Reward miles?

Air miles as a currency shall be replaced by the Nük token. Instead of ‘earning’ miles, the Lennük platform will allow customers to buy them using the Nük Tokens, NÜK in the same way they can exchange currency today, or could earn them outside of flying alone if they select to be paid in air miles denominated in Nük tokens for services. In traditional loyalty point’s schemes, travelers often have a long waiting time before they can use their points, with limitation on spending avenues. By tokenizing loyalty points on the blockchain using the Nük tokens, travelers can get instant value by redeeming them on the spot. They can also use them more broadly through a specific user community of partners since these tokens will be traded on exchanges. The Nük tokens will be used in paying for goods and services in a secured and fast way.

What is NÜK Token?

The NÜK token facilitates transactions on the Lennuk platform. NÜK enables participation in platform governance.

Are there any fees associated with Lennük?

Lennük will not charge suppliers any distribution fees and will only charge a minuscule transaction fee to incentivize miners to give computational power to the network. These fees will be automatically calculated by the blockchain at the time of transaction and will have no correlation with total booking price or complexity.

What is LENNÜK's role?

The travel industry is in dire needs of innovation and decentralization due to a variety of factors including anticonsumer behavior by corporations, outdated infrastructure, and the business practices of influential travel companies which have little incentive to change the status quo.

Using blockchain technology, Lennük offers travel stakeholders a way to distribute their products with perfect competition and reduced costs. This new marketplace will inevitably provide consumers with more choice and travel companies with the opportunity to sell products outside of outdated, yet deeply entrenched, distribution platforms.

Owned and governed by its own community instead of rent-seeking gatekeepers, Lennük represents a more egalitarian and progressive way forward for the global travel industry. Join us on our journey to redefine the travel distribution landscape

How do travelers use LENNÜK?

Travelers can use the Lennük application to buy tickets at cheaper prices, have an irrefutable ledger that stores their identity, maintain their reward miles which they can sell on exchanges for cash, and many many other uses still to come.

What is LENNÜK's goal?

Lennük wants to revolutionize the travel industry. Travel plans to reduce data loss by over 90% – saving industries billions of dollars a year. Lennük wants to increase the efficiency of the travel industry as well as reduce long waiting times and extremely high ticket prices at airports. Lennük hopes to reduce overall costs for airline organizations and travelers and increase the quality of travel around the globe.

When was LENNÜK founded?

Lennük was founded in 2017 by a group of young developers who were fed up with the airline industry ripping off consumers with over-inflated prices.

How much experience does the Lennük team have?

The Lennük team has over 50 years of travel industry experience in not only the USA, but also other countries around the globe. The team is full of highly skilled developers from all over the technological field. The team has spent countless years studying travel industry data and have a keen understanding of financial laws in the travel industry. Together, the Lennük team plans to build a revolutionary program that will make operations for consumers and airlines simpler and cheaper than current methods.